Ralph Williams

“Thank you sir, we are under ‘Top Shelf’ leadership. I’m grateful to be of service and proud to work with such outstanding FEMA friends and family. Have a great ‘FEMA’ Day.”
– Ralph Williams, Title,Department of Homeland Security,Washington, DC

Paula Coston

“You have such a positive and infectious spirit of hope, it is possible at times some folks might not know how to ride with that and only wish they could respond in kind. I, on the other hand, am energized by it.”
– Paula Coston, Title, Company/Bureau, City?

Harvey E. Johnson

“Mark, I too have been very pleased to see the progress that we have made this past year and to have worked with you through our very challenging hurricane season. You did an exceptional job in every position and will be a much stronger leader for the events that will present challenges during this coming year. Stay focused, lead our people and always do the very best that you can.”
– Harvey E. Johnson, Deputy Admin Federal Emergency Management Agency (2nd in charge),Retired Admiral in Coast Guard

Ebony Raises

“FEMA Corps Friday: Thank you to Mark Neveau from Region IX for being such a great FEMA Mentor! We’ve enjoyed having you on campus.” – Ebony Raises, AmeriCorps NCCC Pacific Region

Shyam Krishnan

“I hope you are doing great! Thankyou so much for all of your good work for the island. Enjoy your stay!” – HOTEL MANAGER – Sheraton Convention Center Puerto Rico – Shyam Krishnan


Such a pleasure working with you on the fires a few months back.

A total pro and so well informed. You have a great ability to explain things and connect so well. A gift my friend. – Mark