From wildfires to hurricanes, earthquakes to flash floods, Mark is the only former FEMA Federal Coordinating Officer with experience on the local, state and federal levels.

Through M.A.N. Ventures, Mr. Neveau is a management consultant, serving as a public information officer for both FEMA and the San Francisco Bay Area Fire Department.

As part of his portfolio of services, Mark develops curriculum and provides facilitation and instructional services to FEMA’s three national response teams as a subject matter expert. This includes:

  • Directing training programs in FEMA/State Joint Field offices (JFO) for hundreds of federal, state and local partners.
  • The culmination of these efforts leads to the production of an instructional program––taught nationwide––on how federal/state/local/non-governmental agencies cooperatively operate in a disaster environment.

In addition, Mark served in the same capacity at a FEMALeadership Education
Conference, which included the Federal Coordinating officers and Response team leaders from all over the nation along with United States Senior Executives:

  • Specifically, he led a team developing and then facilitating, an exercise focusing on the national “Cascadia Earthquake Zone” disaster response plan. The exercise projected the impacts to hundreds of millions of Americans, half the U.S. commerce, multiple countries, and multiple states.
  • In 2014, he worked with the FEMA (Washington, DC-based) National Response team during a full-scale accreditation exercise in Sacramento, California. This exercise tested the team’s abilities to operate at our nation’s largest and most complex disasters, while also exercising/training the California Office of Emergency Services (CAL OES) newly formed state Emergence Response Teams.