Below is a list of lucky hunches, extrapolations and experience where Mark Neveau was able to share information about a subject prior to the events transpiring.
1. Hurricane Irma, September 2017:

  • His keynote address to Building Officials Association of Florida in March 2017 about how to react to a Category
  • 4 hurricane; months later, Hurricane Irma struck Florida.
    The last Category 4 hurricane to strike Florida was in 2004.

2. Hurricane Maria, September 2017:

  • He predicted that hitting Puerto Rico as a Category 5 hurricane two weeks after Irma would be devastating, while most of the national media focused on Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston. WATCH TV INTERVIEW.

3. Jacksonville Mass Shooting at E Sports Convention, August 2018:

  • 2-minute response time by Fire Department and the danger of its arrival; the JFFR sent truck that happened to be training nearby, Mark spoke about the response time that day; over next few days, the rest of the media
    started to report on it. This generated interviews with Fire Department responders on news,

4. Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) released report, (Month, Year?):

  • It addressed the wildland fire threat in the San Francisco Bay Area, which focused on a 15%
    very high fire danger. Mr. Neveau shared how the rest of the Bay Area was actually in the 65% high hazard zone.

5. KTVU Wildland Fire Special Report: Camp Fire, November 2018:

  • Mark shared how the state was approaching an all-time firefighting cost expenditure close to a billion dollars. Then, the Camp Fire ensued as the deadliest, most destructive wildfire in California history, and the costliest disaster in 2018, so we, in fact, did reach that number. WATCH TV INTERVIEW.

6. Federal Government Shutdown Impact on Workers, January 2019:

  • The Thrift Saving Plan (Federal employees’ retirement plan) lost principal, a news article on 1/2/2019 appeared after a TV news appearance.
  • Mr. Neveau predicted that federal employees would not be given a raise in 2019, which has transpired to date.